[Eng Below] 福智クリニック37周年 新医療法人福智会20周年 記念祝賀会を開催しました!


福智クリニック37周年 新医療法人福智会20周年 記念祝賀会を開催しました。





On Sunday, June 17, all members of Fukuchi Kai happily celebrated 37th Anniversary of Fukuchi Clinic and 20th Anniversary of Fukuchi Kai.

The day first commenced with an annual staff training workshop from 12:30 at Koshoji near Yagoto, Nagoya. First, the director of Fukuchi Kai delivered a brief speech about creating a enthusiastic atmosphere and sharing the same goal all together at work. It was then followed by a sermon of a monk Matsunaga of Koshoji about using the principles of love in Buddhism in everyday life.

The second part of the day continued at Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel whose atmosphere was wrapped in with warm congratulations and word of blessing by well-known doctors and professors. Directors Fukuchi and Kitamura grateful acknowledged the hard efforts that staff is putting to make the lives of patients enjoyable and presented a representative bouquet. In the venue that was filled with smiles, everyone took a commemorative photo at the end with Purple Man together, a character that symbolizes the fight to eradicate stigma.

We are very grateful for the past 20 years and would like to strive to work together as a staff member without forgetting the beginnings of the Fukuchi Kai. We will strive also to fully supports patients’ psychotherapy and social reintegration towards the future in the future as years to come.