[Eng Below] 波の会愛知県支部の機関雑誌に福智 寿彦院長のあいさつ文を掲載させて頂きました!







☆The greeting letter has been placed in the magazine “Oonami” ☆

The Aichi Branch of Nami no Kai(Japan Epilepsy Association)published its institutional magazine “Oonami”(No.5, 2008) and my greeting letter has been placed in it. In the new year, I believe that people have their own new purposes.

As for me, this year is the fourth year since we started the campaign “Purple Day”. On 25th, March, we held the “Purple Day” anniversary festival in Nagoya successfully. Thanks to the wonderful performance of image character “Purple Man” and local idol group, the festival was heated up and participants enjoyed the events greatly. Besides Nagoya, “Purple Day” has been celebrated in other main cities such as Tokyo and Osaka and its scale is definitely becoming increasingly large year by year.

Meanwhile, what I am considering about the epilepsy remedy through these campaigns is that we should also help patients dispel internal stigma. Including “Purple Day” campaigns, we have been striving to dispel people’s prejudice against epilepsy patients known as external prejudice. However, it is also extremely important for patients themselves to be confident with lives. Negative thinking such as “I have to quit my job because of my epilepsy seizure” and “I could hardly enjoy social life since I am an epilepsy patient”, is also the impediment of their complete social recovery. So the new purpose for me this year is that we should also focus on internal stigma and help patients dispel their prejudice against themselves.

I sincerely hope that everyone could consider about what we can do for epilepsy remedy. Any idea or comment is welcomed, and your one proposal and one step mean a lot for changing the world.