[Eng below] 福智会の納涼会を開催しました! 








On the 5th of August, Fukuchi kai held a big summer festival at the Nagoya City University, main building of Sakurayama campus.

The festival consisted of various programs, such as Recovery Koshien, traditional Chinese Tai Chi, musical performance and short play, all of which were prepared by the day care members of Suzukake and Fukuchi clinic. Also, in the festival we opened a small booth for Purple Day goods and posters and invited Purple Man to visit our stage. In the meantime, we held a small symposium in which we explained various domestic and international activities of Purple Day.

In addition to the enlightening lectures, the big part of the festival was a bazaar auction in which we sell various items to the participants whose collected money will be spent to the future activities of Purple Day and rainstorm disaster relief in western Japan.

In such a hot weather, the summer festival appealed to more than 200 people and all of them really enjoyed the programs of the festival this year.

We will be doing the same festivals in the coming months, the Imaike Festival in September and Christmas Party in December. Many thanks for those who came and make this event a big success!

[Eng Below] 仲田商店街祭り!






Nakata Shopping Street Festival was held on 28th and 29th July.

On July 28, unfortunately the festival was canceled due to the upcoming typhoon, but on the July 29, Sunday we participated to the festival from the evening. Although it was raining on the way and the weather was not quite wonderful, many customers came and it was a great success! Tsunshin, the bakery that belongs to our clinic sold quite high number of bread and pound cakes, which were quite unusual from daily sales.

In the festival, the Day Care members also enjoyed interacting with people in the community that did the customer service. This weekend ended with the cool-down party! Then here comes Imaike festival in September!

I also want to take advantage of this experience so that we can attract lots of customers.