[Eng Below] 福智ドラゴンズ 希望会ソフトボール大会 3位入賞!




Fukuchi Dragons won the third place in the Kiboukai softball march On 11th May. Kiboukai softball march was held at Kourongi Park in Nisshin city. Fukuchi Dragons defeated Yagoto Hospital team in the second game and succeeded in advancing the semi-final. In semi-final, our opponent was Kitajima Hospital team.

The opponent was a favorite of the march and it was a big challenge for our team. Our team members fought valiantly the first half and made a 2-points lead. While in the second around, attacked by the opponent, we lost six points and finally lost the game with a score 4:6.

Unfortunately we failed to win the championship while it was very honourable to win the third place in such as competitive march. After the march, team members talked with each other and analysed the reason of failure in the semi-final. Meanwhile, they shared the happiness of attendance and remarkable results such as shooting a home run in the march.

We hope that our team member could transform their regret into energy and make the greater achievement next year.